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Do you know that the difference between “I should be running in the park” and “I’m running in the park” is a fat belly? Have you cringed a thousand times “Why, oh why, am I not losing weight?” Yeah, me too. I’ve been there and done that. Should admit that I’ve also crawled to the fridge late at night just to smuggle something to eat. Preferably a cookie. Chocolate covered. Or a burger. With a glass of wine. Oh dear, how much did I love burgers with wine. Never mind, I’m just hungry.

Sure, I did some exercise. From time to time. Maybe once or twice a month – just enough to silence my guilty Conscience and fool myself I was actually doing something good for my health.

Do you wonder why I’ve dragged these extra pounds for quite a few years with me? Time passed by and I was putting on pound after pound. But enough was enough and this had to stop.

Long story short: a friend mailed me a photo of myself, where I could barely recognize myself. It was about that time when I couldn’t fit into my own pants. I had let myself become a slave to food. I craved the food in any form and shape. I craved the food the way a smoker craves a cigarette.

Someone once said to me ”There is no worse non-smoker than an ex-smoker”. It’s so true.

If you want to see my new self, read on the reviews and recommendations on the site. I promise they’ll help you choose the right gear you need!