Best Ankle Weights – Compared and Reviewed

Ankle weights pros and cons

There are a lot of benefits of wearing ankle weight as a form of resistance training. They add a bigger strain on the body even when doing the simplest movements. This of course will make your body fitter and stronger. These will help you tone and shape your legs and butt muses. They are great for ab workouts as well. They provide a greater cardiovascular benefit when exercising, and help increase muscle strength and bone density. Plus, you will burn more calories with these weights added to your own body weight.

The possible negative side of using this fitness gear is the increased risk of joint stress and muscle an joint strains and injuries. Not recommended for overweight people, as well as too frail people and those suffering from joint pain.

Here are brief reviews of some of our favorite ankle weights on the market.


CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable

These are great for toning your leg muscles and building up stamina. We recommend them because:

  • They feature pockets outside, so that you can adjust the weight to fit your specific needs and preferences
  • They have a Velcro closure which allows for a comfortable and secure fit
  • The included removable weights and 10lb each totaling 20lbs
  • They fit almost any size
  • They are offered at a great price for the quality they provide

Affordable, comfortable, adjustable – these CAP Barbell are definitely worth every cent!

Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights (variable 1 to 5 pounds)

Another highly recommended pair, these high quality Da Vinci weights are on our favorites list because:

  • They come in different sizes starting from 1 to 5 pounds each and can be worn on the arm or leg
  • They have adjustable Velcro closure bands, so that the weight is placed properly and safely on any size ankle or wrist
  • The inside is covered with a moisture absorbing soft cloth which makes wearing these weights in the hot summer or during extensive exercising more comfortable
  • They are available in wonderful vibrant colors

These smaller sized Da Vincis are perfect for non-trained women, for newbies in using them, or for those who want to add a little weight to their ankles or wrists while running, walking or training.

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights (adjustable 4 to 20 pounds)

These Valeos are great if you are planning to use different weights for different types of exercises or activities. We like that:

  • They are fully adjustable weight wise – you can remove weight packs to make them 2x2lbs and add weights to make them a hefty 2x10lbs
  • They have a D-ring adjustable closure system which has 2 straps securing a safer and more comfortable fit
  • The have added padding for more comfort and a snug fit

Adjustable, comfortable and of high quality – we highly recommend this pair to newbies and to experienced gym enthusiasts and athletes

Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair) – Fully Adjustable

These are possibly our top pick for best ankle weights for women. We highly recommend them to anybody because:

  • They are fully adjustable, and can be worn on the ankles, wrists, hands or thighs , due to the comfortable Velcro pad
  • They are durable and comfortable – with extra reinforced stitching and added neoprene padding
  • They can be worn during home or gym workouts, aerobics, CrossFit, jogging, walking and many other workouts and activities
  • They have a reflective trim to keep you safe when walking or jogging in the dark
  • The package includes a nice and convenient carry bag along with the 2 weights

If you want comfortable, adjustable and small sized ankle or wrist weights, these ones from Nordic Lifting are for you!

Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weight Sets

These comfortable wrist or ankle weights are great for home exercise, rehabilitation programs, running, walking and gym workouts. We picked them, because:

  • They come in sets of 2x1lbs , 2×1.5lbs and 2 x 2.5lbs
  • They have a sleek and durable neoprene exterior
  • You can customize the width of the strap very easily so it is attached snugly and comfortably to any size wrist or ankle
  • They have a soft and moisture absorbing terrycloth interior to keep the ankle or wrist from rubbing and scuffing
  • They feature a reflective trim for added safety when running or jogging in the dark hours
  • Many use them for Crossfit, can be used with crossfit gloves

Made of high quality materials, durable, comfortable and safe, these Thera-Band Comfort fit weights are definitely among the top choices of smaller sized ankle weights available.

All Pro Weight Adjustable, 20-lb Individual (get two for a total of 40lb)

This is among our favorites in the 20lb category. What we like about this individual weight:

  • The weight is adjustable from 1 to 20lbs
  • The weights are from solid iron
  • There is added comfortable padding to the ankle and the heel to keep the Achilles tendon safe from injury
  • It has cushioned flaps for a snugger and more secure fit, and freedom for movement

Durable, adjustable, safe and with added padding an protection, we can highly recommend this All Pro to anybody looking for ankle weights sold separately rather than as a pair. You can of course buy 2 of these for a total of 40lbs of weight.

Most popular uses:

  • Ankle weights for running

Wearing them is recommended for experienced and well trained runners. They can add weights when training so that they are quicker and stronger on the actual races. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional runner to add ankle or wrist weights to improve your stamina and strength, but be careful not to overdo it with the weight, because there are risks of injuries and an increased stress on your leg joints.

  • Ankle weights for walking

You can wear them while walking to the store, doing house chores or walking as a form of exercise. Whatever activity you are doing, if you add this extra weight to your body, you will exercise more, use more energy and strength and burn more calories.

  • Boxing and basketball ankle weights

Many boxers and basketball players like to use these when training in order to increase and improve their foot endurance and speed during a match. Once the weights are removed after training with them, the boxer will feel as light as a feather and as quick as the wind.

How to choose ankle weights

Choosing the appropriate type and size is crucial, because wearing the proper weight and type of ankle weights can help you strengthen your muscles and can also keep you for injuring yourself. At the same time, choosing the inappropriate size and type can cause you serious injuries. Weight categories:

  • 2lb ankle weights

These, along with the 1lb ones fall into small ankle weights category and are the lightest available. They can be worn while you are doing chores in your home, for walking and for running. These weights are suitable for people who are now starting getting used to them.

  • 5lb ankle weights

These are great for leg exercises. Always start with smaller weights and gradually build up the weight as your leg muscle strength increases. Great for strengthening the inner and outer thighs.

  • 10 pound ankle weights

This is a more serious weight which is best suited for people who perform more static exercising, rather than for running or walking. Of course, if you are an experienced and well trained runner, you can choose to train with these.

  • 20 pound ankle weights

These are quite hefty and are most commonly used in home gyms or in the gym for exercises for lifting your own body weight. The added 20lb ankle weights will help strengthen your muscles more.

  • 30 pound ankle weights

These are seriously heavy ankle weights suitable for well-trained people, for increasing the weight when performing bodyweight or calisthenics.

  • 40lb ankle weights

The 40 pound ankle weights are super heavy, and once again are for experienced and trained people performing calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, including: pull-ups, leg raise, dips.


  • Water Filled

These utilize water as a weight instead of sand bags and solid metal weights. The great thing about water weights is that you can very easily adjust the weight by simply adding or pouring out the water from them. Also, they are softer than other ankle weights so are likely to feel more comfortable around your ankles.

  • Adjustable

It is always advisable to get adjustable ankle weights, so that you can add or remove weight from them depending on the specific exercise or activity you are planning to wear them for. This will save you money for buying separate ankle weight of different weight for the different needs you have.

What are the benefits of using them?

The have a number of benefits, including: toning and strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, burning more calories, improving the cardio effect of training, increasing endurance, great for ab exercising and toning and help improve bone density.