Whether you are playing for fun or participating in competitive basketball, choosing the best ball for your case could dramatically improve your overall performance and playing experience.

Best Outdoor Basketballs at a Glance:

Even though they may look the same to non-professionals, the different basketballs can be quite diverse. The varying materials, designs and qualities of the basketballs are suitable for different purposes and settings. When looking for a basketball for playing outdoors, it is good to know what characteristics to look for, so that you get a ball which lasts longer, provides a good and comfortable grip and balance, and offers a good dribbling and shooting experience.

Spalding NBA street Spalding NBA Varsity
Spalding NBA street Spalding NBA Varsity
ultra durable cover, excellent grip offers great control
Wilson NCAA Wave UA 295
Wilson NCAA Wave Composite Under Armour 295
grooves that help prevent dirt accumulation more control and balance
UA 485 Spalding NBA Tack Soft
Under Armour 485 Spalding NBA Tack Soft
good balance, excellent grip high-quality PU composite leather