Looking for the best Zumba DVDs you can purchase to enjoy your Zumba at home? Are you looking to dance the fat away? Do you want to actually enjoy your workout, not only sweat it? If your answer is yes, then read on. But first, have a quick glimpse of the sets we reviewed:

incredible results body shaping dvds
Incredible Results Set Exhilarate Body Shaping System
# 1 for losing weight, comes in three versions # 2 for beginners
Under Armour ClutchFit Drive Air Jordan III
Zumba 101 – Can’t Dance Zumba Gold DVD – Live It Up
# 3 – introductory kit by the creator of Zumba # 4 basic steps, cardio and gold toning
tone up system total body transformation
Tone Up 5 DVD System Incredible Slimdown
# 5 upper body sculpting # 6 offers six different workouts

Here are our top picks and

Reviews of the best Zumba DVD sets

Zumba Fitness Incredible Results

This Zumba DVD set comes in three versions: ultimate, deluxe and standard.

  • The ultimate kit includes: 12 workouts, 3 music CD’s, a Rizer for toning the glutes and legs, a nutrition program and a training program guide, as well as a cookbook and tote bag for carrying your kit with you.
  • The deluxe kit includes 10 workouts, a Zumba Rizer and program and nutrition guides.
  • The standard kit is sold with 6 workouts, a Rizer, the nutritional and training program and guides.

The best thing about this is that is one of the best zumba dvd to lose weight and that it contains so many different types of workouts and additional extras to improve your fitness program. The first DVD is an intro and quick learning guide (40 min) for the basic moves and steps in Zumba, followed by an amazing express calorie burning workout of only 20 minutes. The set also includes a super cardio dance party which includes a 50 minute cardio burst interval workout of 30 second spurts to help boost fat burning and calorie burning. The other workouts are a 30-minute burn, a 15 minute abs bonus workout, as well as the Zumba step workout which is done with the help of the Zumba Rizer included in the package. All workouts can easily be done at home, require very little space, and can result in express toning of the body and weight loss for as little as a couple of weeks of practicing.