Since CrossFit routines can differ immensely, it is possible that everybody can create and follow the workout routines which are the most suitable for their preferences and for their objectives too. The wide variety of workouts and exercises which can be done during a CrossFit training session can differ so much that they can in some cases be considered different sports.

Many people who are just getting into CrossFit wonder which routines to choose as well as whether training another sport, such as kickboxing won’t be better for their fitness level and objectives. So, Kickboxing vs Crossfit – let us help you decide which one is for you.

When choosing between the two very different sports, keep in mind some details about both kickboxing and CrossFit. They can help you make up your mind which one to pursue:

  1. The equipment and gear. You need gear for both CrossFit and for kickboxing, and it is different in both cases. For kickboxing you need special shoes, gloves, head guard, shin and foot guards and others. For CrossFit you will need shoes for CrossFit, as well as different weights, dumbbells, squat racks and others. If you train in a gym, you won’t be needing those, but you still need suitable shoes, a belt and gloves for CrossFit.
  2. The risk of injuries. Both of these sports activities do have a risk of injuries. Even though it may seem that kickboxing is the riskier one, due to the fact that it is a martial art, it is actually possible that CrossFit could be even more riskier. This is due to the fact that CrossFit involves rapid and intensive exercise and movements, which can cause injuries if the body has not adjusted well.
  3. Muscle building and toning. Since CrossFit involves both resistance training and cardio, it is much more effective for muscle toning, whilst kickboxing is mostly cardio. Also, because CrossFit workouts are much more intensive than kickboxing practice, the former is a much more efficient way to get into shape faster.
  4. The fun factor. It is mostly a matter of opinion when deciding whether CrossFit or kickboxing is more fun actually. For people who enjoy competing, kickboxing is probably the better choice because of the matches. But keep in mind there is mostly training and repetitive kicking and punching involved. Of course in many gyms, the CrossFitters too organize competitions to determine who is the fastest or who can endure longer performing an exercise too. CrossFit is preferable for those who want to make new or strengthen their existing social contacts, because it is likely that you and the other people in the gym will start supporting and motivating each other.

Conclusion – Crossfit or Kickboxing?

CrossFit will give you a more effective and better-rounded body workout, and is definitely a faster and better way to ensure that you lose weight, get into shape and tone your muscles than if you engage in kickboxing. Kickboxing of course too will help you get into shape and stay in shape but the results will come after a longer period of time and training.

It is a good idea to think about your objectives, as well as your personal preferences when picking. Of course, you should give both a try. Most gyms will allow non-members to train once or a couple of times before getting a membership card, so why not try both and see whether you find CrossFit or kickboxing more enjoyable.

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