Find out why this New Balance Women’s WX20v5 Minimus Shoe is great for your cross-training workout


This minimalist cross training shoe from New Balance has a lightweight construction and yet its mid-cut design and offers sufficient stability and protection for the heels, ankles and legs during intensive weight lifting as well as during resistance training. This combination makes this the perfect shoe for cross-fit enthusiasts.

The upper of the New Balance Women’s WX20v5 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe is no-sew and breathable, which will keep your feet odor free and nicely dry even after an intensive cross-fit training session.

The shoes have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, a Vibram sole and a competition-grade REVlite RC midsole and are perfect for box jumps, rope jumping as well as for heavy lifting because you can feel your feet grounded perfectly on the floor.

The toe box is wide and provides your toes sufficient space to spread, and offer the stability and balance necessary for lifting weights. If you are looking for running shoes though, these may not be the best ones, as they don’t have sufficient cushioning and arch support to provide comfort and energy return during intensive running.

Our verdict

The minimalist design, tight upper and ankle support combined with the relatively wide toe box may need some getting used at first, but once you properly adjust your body stance, you will find them very suitable and immensely comfortable especially for cross-fit.
These shoes are very stylish and cool which is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shoes for cross fit for ladies
Overall, the combination of the light weight, the nice breathable upper, the wide toe box and minimalist design, makes these one of the top women’s shoes for cross-fit which we have tested recently.
We can definitely recommended them for women who want to perform at their best during the cross-fit training sessions, and yet want to stay safely on their feet even during intensive weight lifting.

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