If you are wondering how to get in shape for basketball, you must know that you need to improve your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. The anaerobic endurance will give you the ability to run high intensity sprints on the basketball court for short periods. Aerobic endurance will give you the power and energy to play an entire game. So, to get into perfect shape you need to do both type of training.

Here are some tips for the best exercises for power and endurance improvement:

Practice suicide sprints by running as fast as you can from the street basketball to the free throw line and back, and then run to the half court line and back to the baseline, then run to the other basketball and back to the baseline. Stop and rest for a minute. Repeat 10 times. Do the sprints 2 times a week.

Do some jogging for improving your endurance. If you have an option choose a padded or grass terrain to jog on, and run for at least three miles. Jog at a pace comfortable for you, but try to increase the speed during the jogging. Jog on the days on which you are not doing the suicide sprint exercises. After jogging let your heart slow down by walking for 5-10 minutes. Drink a lot of water and each a complex carbohydrate and high protein meal after the jog. Try jogging 6 days a week for half a month before basketball season starts.

Try doing strength training in a gym three times a week and rotate between light, medium and heavy training sessions of weight lifting. Try working out your entire body by doing bench presses, squats, lat pull-downs, single leg squats, pushups and leg presses. Work out 20-45 minutes, and don’t overdo it, so that you are not sore for the beginning of the season.

Practice dunks or lay-ups by starting from the central court line, dribbling and shooting. Switch from the left to the right side each time, and repeat.

Practice your shots from different spots on the court. If possible get a partner to pass you the ball as you move from one spot to another. Train your accuracy and control by passing the ball with a partner for at least 20minutes a day.

Eat a balanced diet and try eating every couple of hours, but try to eat mainly fruits and whole grains, as well as protein such as: chicken, turkey, lean beef, dairy and fish. You should try reducing or eliminating any sugars and unhealthy fats form your diet.