They say practice makes perfect. It’s true but too general. Let us break it into more manageable steps. Here are some basic tips on how to get better at basketball

how to get better at basketball

  • Improve your overall shooting percentage by locating the rim early, keep an eye on it in order to be able to calculate the distance subconsciously when you shoot.
  • Hold your follow through at all times.
  • Follow through with a relaxed wrist.
  • Make your shooting better by practicing with a colored outdoor basketball and watching its rotation. Don’t use indoor basketball on the street – you will ruin it really fast
  • Do not think about your shooting during a game. Thinking about the technicalities of the shot are for practice only!
  • Try to eliminate any negative thoughts you have before a game. You can try doing that by saying to yourself that you don’t care how many baskets you will make, so you can actually relax about the result of the game.
  • Watch videos of great shooters
  • Shoot at the basket aligned at the court line with a partner to improve your shot.
  • Improve your balance and make sure you land in front of where you started out when shooting.
  • Ask somebody to film your performance at games and practice. Seeing how you shoot will allow you to see any mistakes you are making and to find ways to improve your performance.
  • Try training with someone, because when you train alone, you can’t follow through properly because you are chasing after the ball after shooting, or get a return device.
  • Once you catch the ball immediately get it to set position – this will make you faster.
  • Be careful to shoot in a fluid manner rather than do jerky movements.
  • If you have the chance, before a game shoot about 50 easy baskets from up to ten feet from the basket. If you can ask someone to chart your shots, so you can correct any mistakes.
  • Practice game shots by adding game like movements when you practice shooting.
  • Practice your correct dribbling posture – with knees at shoulder width and the ball reaching no higher that your waist.
  • Practice your dribbling itself – by practicing series of dribbling with each hand, while standing and then walking and running.
  • Practice keeping your eyes up from the ball while dribbling
  • Learn and practice power crossovers between your two hands while standing and walking.
  • Practice shooting with only one hand.
  • Practice free throws until you are perfect.
  • Last but not the least important – make sure that your clothes and basketball shoes are comfortable. Choose them according to your position and preferences. They should be helping you improve your game, not preventing you from giving it your all

Talk positively to yourself. Never again tell yourself “Why do I suck at basketball?”or “I will never get good at basketball”. Talk positively to yourself – mark your improvements, no matter how small they are. If you don’t believe in yourself – noone will. Be your biggest fan, but don’t exaggerate – keep it real. Good luck, buddy